Can I deal with online shopping through your internet website? If yes, how much do the products costs?

Yes, you could go online shopping through by our website. The code numbers are available under each product, please send this code number to the sultans@sultansceramic.com address by e-mail and we will get in touch with you immediately.

Why did not indicate the price costs in your internet site?

Because, our priority is not trade. Our purpose is to introduce our family, handicrafts and our product as well as to develop and assist the art-lovers.

I loved the product and I would like to purchase it, how should I proceed?

You could make your payment by transfer or ma il order upon your wish. For further information, please send an e-mail to sultans@sultansceramic.com

How could I get the product that I like and I want to purchase it?

Please inform us about the code number of the product that you would like to buy by e-mail and we will inform you about product specification and price. We send our products all around the world by the guarantee of DHL Express.

The product that I have purchased came to me as broken. What will be further process?

Please take your broken product’s photo and send it to us within 5 days by e-mail. We will renew your broken product within 120 days without requesting any extra cost.

The product that I have purchased has been detained by customs, what could you do in that case?

Sultans Ceramic is only responsible for Turkish custom and custom costs of the products that you have purchased could subject to changes from country to country. For further information, please send an e-mail to sultans@sultansceramic.com

I want to give special order, do you accept the order?

Yes, we accept special order. In terms of order, we could produce the product in accordance with the size, design, and color upon your request and even we could write down the date and your family name under the products as well.

I liked the product and I purchased it so I want you to send the product at the date and address that I will request. Do you think so if it is possible for you or not?

Yes, of course we could. It will be enough for us if you tell us the address and time on due time. It will be more than easy for us if you send gift to your family members or your friends.